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Accounting and finance professional with over 9 years of experience in accounting, taxation and financial analysis. During her career she has been involved in both in-house accounting department of a company and as well in company outsourcing accounting services. Elena has a broad experience in accounting working with a different size of companies and a good knowledge of our local taxation system. She is currently studying for ACCA qualification at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Elena owns a bachelor of science degree in the field of International Trade. As well she is Certified chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered accountants in Macedonia.

Cash flow statement, why it’s so important?


It shows how much cash is generated and used during a given time period. How can this be useful? Imagine that your Profit and Loss Statement at the end of the year shows profit of $100.000. The shareholders are happy they could receive dividend. Employees are happy they can have higher wages next year. But [...]

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DESK is our new name!


DESK - Accounting, Finance, Tax - The unique efficiency, accuracy and speed in providing accounting services deserves to be recognized under unique name. Starting from 30.08.2022 ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS DOOEL Skopje changed its name into DESK DOOEL Skopje. Beside the name everything else remains the same, we are still as dedicated as before to give extraordinary [...]

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Business environment


It is what matters for successful business. Know the environment before investing.   Decisions based on information We would be more than happy to provide you information about changes in the Macedonian legislative. You can use this information to make better decisions. Make a regular check up on our web site or contact us.  How we [...]

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What is the accountant for the business?


Accounting is the art of controlling a business by keeping accurate book-keeping records. Furthermore, accountants use the information in these records to measure and interpret the financial results of the business. Finally they are communicating the results to management and other interested parties. How a good accountant can help the business? Managers of a business need the [...]

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