Consulting, Accounting and Reporting

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Consulting, Accounting and Reporting

Good consulting, accounting and reporting helps you understand the financial health of your business, which allows you to focus on the major points for the growth of your business.

We understand the importance of accounting for your company and we are providing excellent services in this area.


Accounting services

Bookkeeping of all relevant documentation; Book of sales and purchases invoices; Balance of receivables and payable with analytics per customer/vendor; Book of assets; Cashbook; Accounting for material costs (for whole sellers, retailers and manufacturing companies); Monitoring and development of our partners’ existing accounting department; Preparation and submission of all tax returns for our partners and relevant accounting and reporting; Preparing of annual financial statements and submitting the annual reports to the mandatory institution.

Accounting Consulting

Control of the accounting procedures and guidelines for improvement of our partners’ overall system of bookkeeping; Checking the operations in the current ERP system used by the partner and providing guidance for improvement for better accounting and reporting; Offering advanced solutions for increased efficiency in the accounting sector; Providing support in the process of implementation of new ERP system in the accounting department.

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