Tax efficiency and compliance

There is almost no transaction triggering no tax implications for the business.

By accepting that the tax does not result only in an extra expense for the business, but is also compliance obligation, with the tax “health” check services we ensure our partners in their compliance with the law and measuring their tax efficiency.

Tax efficiency

Corporate income tax review

Review the business costs and determining possible tax deductions; Review of contracts in view of assessing their tax implications; Description of the major tax risks; Calculation of effective tax rate and the amount of potential penalties from the identified noncompliance, if any; Providing solutions for avoiding or minimizing the tax risks identified.

VAT review

Review of VAT returns; Review of the contracts, invoicing and supporting documents impacting the VAT deductions; Identify if the business keeps all necessary documents for claiming VAT deductions; Assessing the VAT reverse charge.

Personal income tax review

Review of payments to employee’s and third-party individuals; Assessing the payments in kinds from personal income tax perspective; Review of civil contracts; Business’ policies for cars, phones etc.

Withholding tax review

Review of business contracts with foreign suppliers; Identifying if the partner followed the correct withholding tax procedure and tax treaty conditions; Review of the annual withholding tax report.

On-going tax consulting

Keeping our partner’s awareness at highest level

  • Withholding tax analysis in respect to all cross-border payments and determining their tax treatment from the domestic and international tax law perspective;
  • VAT chargeability and recoverability;
  • VAT reverse charge application on specific transactions;
  • Advising on disclosure/presentation in the tax return relating to transactions which are complex from a tax perspective;
  • Full support during on-site tax audits;
  • Drafting of informative prospects on the up-coming law changes and how they affect partner’s business.

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