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Other services – human capital and company registration services

Our service portfolio includes various types of services in line with our partner’s business, among which:

In-house Tax and Accounting trainings

From training for beginners to refresher workshops, we develop training programs that meet your specific requirements. We offer in-house trainings in order to minimize time travel for your staff, at times that suit your employees.

Human capital Accounting Solutions Macedonia

In-House training areas:

  • Accounting;
  • Local Taxation;
  • Financial Management;
  • Cash Management.
Human capital Accounting Solutions Macedonia

Company registration services

This service is designed for individuals who decided to make their dreams come true by turning their ideas into reality and starting a business. Let us help you by being your guide in the process of registering your company. Good start is essential for long-term success.

Human capital

Human capital services

We believe that employees are the biggest capital of each company. Hence, we put a special focus on taking care of the compliance obligation of our partner’s employees.

Human capital advisory and compliance services:

  • Calculation of gross and net remuneration, personal income tax and social security contributions (SSC) taking into account employee bonuses, overtime, holidays, sick leave pay, benefits etc.);
  • Review from a payroll tax perspective the updates of the contractual documentation of the relevant employees;
  • Calculation of income taxes and SSC and preparation of monthly and annual salary slips;
  • Double tax treaty protection procedure, classification of income from tax treaty point of view and application of tax treaty relief approval (if available);
  • Drafting of application for employment and filing with the authorities on partner’s behalf;
  • De-registering of employee from the employment agency;
  • Calculation of redundancy and determining the tax implication for the business;
  • Drafting of required documents for application for residency and work permit;
  • Registration of assignees with tax and social security office;
  • Assist you in correspondence with tax and social security authorities;
  • Assist you in personal income and social security tax disputes or controversies;
  • Assist during the recruitment process of your finance and accounting department.

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